she who creates

"I have always been attracted to formations deciphering natural, man made forms and structure’s has led me to developing sculpture with an archaic touch. I create to change what is necessary in order to establish a symbol as it becomes more than the sum of its parts."

"In sculpting stone, I seek out its natural form, letting this guide me as I shape it toward a human figure. I look to the archetypes of primitive art to balance representation with symbolism. In a single piece I strive to capture an abstract, universal quality—strength, anguish, fertility—while finding a striking form, unique to the specific stone. Through this approach I encourage the viewer to engage with the work on a primal, subconscious level."


Lisa Inman sculpts almost exclusively in stone including limestone, marble, and alabaster. She produces abstract contemporary art pieces for the home, stores, public spaces and gardens.

Lisa worked for many years in photography, painting, and drawing before stepping into the world of 3D art. For the past sixteen years she has sculpted in many mediums. Her work uses broad, rounded, rhythmic lines that conform to the natural character of the stone. The neo-primitive quality of her pieces embodies a contemporary aesthetic ranging from totally non-representational to abstract figuration. Her highly tactile work is solid while expressing movement, abstracted while emotional, and invites the individual interpretation of each viewer.

She studied with Lori Goulet for two years at the Art Students League. For the past sixteen years she has been residing and working as an artist in New York city area.  She primarily works in her home sculpture/design studio located in New Jersey.