Cycling ...... by Lisa Inman

The deep blue whale feels the swells coming on…

Dolphin to the turtle why do you feel so blue

There is nothing to eat to be true

Turtle to the Fisherman, why do you take too much from the sea

Fisherman replies I too need to survive

Fish says to the Fisherman why are our oceans littered 

Boat says mankind has been so unkind

The Seagull asks the shoreline why does the sea hit us so hard

Shoreline responds the world has been unkind

Mother Nature blow seas, she blows her winds, she grows seeds

Mother why do you destroy your very own creation

Mother to child its quite simple life grows, it comes and goes….


Noreaster Storm – written by Lisa Appel


I N D I A "Illuminate nature directly inward affectionately" by Lisa Inman

Land of light drawn to smells, eyes memorized by colors, senses all in an extreme sense state of consciousness. Cityscapes extremely congested, poor, smiles, smells, kindness, joyfulness, sorrow it all collected in the sky like particles .. filtering back down into souls with acceptance, appreciation, gratitude, respect for all forms of life in people and animals. Time holds no merit.. adventure of your senses. Breathe, observe, indulge…patience is a virtue to follow, “Mother Nature” speaks, follow and listen.

Himalayan mountains destination after Delhi the vein of India. Rain, fog, mud, no frills backpack style.. daily comfort stripped, it bears your soul to be open to absorb the message you went there to receive. Striving to see as many mountains in my lifetime my husband brings to me another uncomfortable brink.. Hike, hike, hike and climb, push, pull and just absorb. Being that high in the clouds and not knowing what may give way below your feet, but your soul is floating..  

Red dirt, heat, forts, people about to get really lazy, cool water.. palette about to explode celebration of birth numbers.. Virgo was blessed with desert paradise most of my favorite photos came from this region.  

Camera and I were beefing, short a long lens, rusty or was I to do something different? Drawn more to people. Women do not allow men to take their pics, they were so joyful to a lady w/a camera. Standing there celebrating womanhood, all smiles, pride in their textiles, colors, jewelry. Interest like an intersection, touch of skin, hair, exchange of smiles and photos.. loved the tribal/countryside woman we were all bizarre to one another. Another lifetime trip.. blessed.

All images © 2018 Lisa M. Inman

ARTZGARAGE 2018 World Wanderers by Lisa Inman


Nomadic Wanderers Of Wonders .....

2017 pull the 7 away add in the 1 = 8  ... not to be taken away or replaced .. stand in that place looking out to the world.. imprint, build, create, contribute as a nomadic wanderer. Risen by dust particles in a ray of sun, speck of earth, a bubble of consciousness, rhythm of emotion watching the life cycle recycle itself dissipating into a whole of the sum as the stars drift into the night moon on the horizon. Wander past the wonderment of a final destination, I hear, I smell, I observe, I smile next steps. Absorbing, recycling all along the way, who are you.. what can I do, little care to know what's next. Chrome hearts are nomadic, follow fault lines, it's never the last ride....



Peru .. love of Pachamama by Lisa Inman

Mentally aware of illusions of an expired NY career turned all while my soul-mate; embarking onto a new decade did come a quick fire trip to Peru with no parties Pachamama presents a desire of climbing mountains

Soul drifted toward an 89-year-old Sculptor/Painter before me stood Victor Delfin eyes bright, soul full. I was presented to royalty of a genius and his life’s work unconsciously told to “get to work”.

“Sh!T Just Got Real” “SALKANTAY TRAIL” the “savage trail” not to be undermined with its mind bending strength as “mind, body and soul” were pushed to the maximum hiking 12 hours straight. Trekking for 5 days among “the gods” with an amazing soulful guide “Gabrielle” male archangel/astronomer who discovered an Incan “8Th Star Gate”. Not by chance super connected to stars, planets & the Inca galaxy hidden deep within the “Milky Way”. 

An open air truck we climb clueless to our adventures and fellow companions who were also all “New Yorker’s.” Rapid incline to an EPIC glacier & lake grasping for every crisp air we breathe climbing 10K ft. to 13.5K ft. in less than a clock turns an hour hand. Actual age doesn’t = “fit” day packs carrying 45 lbs. of Photographers gear we trek toward glaciers, lakes, mountains, jungle and desert.

Ancestors of centuries, religion, spirituality and history flows deep in the veins of Peru. Machu Picchu is what attracts most, don’t drown in that syrup. Spirit flowed right into my own “Desert Gem” of Arequipa & Colca Valley/Cannon. Presented to a sacred spiritual spot of natural stone sculptures was a place where local farmers come to trip on psychedelics before the rainy season with the “love of Pachamama”. Yes, the Inca name for “Mother Earth” the pureness of people living off the land and my “gift” resonated of who I am, what I do and why I travel.

All images © 2017 Lisa M. Inman




Tomás Saraceno - Cloud Cities @ SF Moma by Lisa Inman

One of the "best art installations" I have seen in years. The moment you walk into the room instantly  there is a cerebral connection knowing you stepped into a "world of discovery". Every line, angel , dimension with reflections bouncing off the room lead your eye to discover the inner workings. Drawing you in, your curiosity further collapses into the organized world/universe. It was MIND BLOWING to say the least.

After the sheer raw mind bending experience of standing in this room, my mind shifts to the other side deciphering what this great masterpiece must have taken to create. The precise math, engineering fortitude that this Master Artist took something of this scale to achieve this lost city that left each person breathless. Bravo, we need more art that doesn't lie on a canvas hung on a wall repeated by history. Innovation at it finest... 

All images © 2017 Lisa M. Inman

SUN Glare of stares and cares / Thailand & Vietnam by Lisa Inman

This Trip, not like your trip nor like our past China no expectations minimal planning.  Electricity flowed through our spine we land where the bird guided us, our separation "Freestyle". Year of moving, shaking, being scolded by powers that be eager to severe ties,  let destiny guide.  We arrive quickly inner beast rhythms thumping Tiger rage. Premortal release pulsed, cumbersome to that longing. Feet hit concrete by that Owl drawn to "DJ" what just happened.  Straw drew that nectar to palette "rum buckets" connected ceribal moment of connections, drums calling. 

Destined for palm trees, white beaches and tranquility we arrive, a "Passage" we were given, Aussie connections filled with laughter, a spirit guide in form of a dog "Bommer" be his immortal name daily joy. The edge fully dissipates at sight of light and dark orange sun glares unaware of any hour passing.

Sunshine rays, we land in Vietnam into that said hour our destination relics of past "The Vietnam war" masked from vision behind new construction walls observation of grief. Masked memories of past, embrace, educate and allow thy tiresome stories to be told. My father, your father drawn to understand the silence of unnecessary war. Not mine, not yours, not ours not anyone never was that said challenge in such disregard do we walk solitude to find peace.

Backpacks stuffed, high heels kicked off, unstripped, bare we took a great walk about of unplanned, joyful trip filled with local kindness and worldly connections... 

All images © 2016 Lisa M. Inman

Artzgarage "Dont Stop" Music Curation by Lisa Inman

I don't work for a DJ company for no reason, beyond my first passion which is  "ART" my 2nd being is MUSIC I have traveled all over the world listening to DJ's.  I was an 90's Philly Rave house dancer who traveled from Philly, Baltimore, D.C to NYC, Chicago to SF. One of the best times of my life gave me the fuel and essence of who I am now. Too old, no way when you hear that track and you can't keep body movements from becoming electrified well you just KNOW.  

NYC The Armory Show 2016 by Lisa Inman

Olafur Eliasson

Olafur Eliasson

Frank Stella

Frank Stella

Susan Hefuna

Susan Hefuna

Jacob Hashimoto

Jacob Hashimoto

Chihara Shiota

Chihara Shiota

Dustin Yellin

Dustin Yellin

Ed Young

Ed Young

Ed Young

Ed Young

South Africans Bright New Artist - Ed Young

Julian Charriere

Julian Charriere

Julian Charriere

Julian Charriere

Julian Charriere - Metamorphism * Dittrich & Schlechtriem Gallery

Julian has melted, transmuted and amalgamated current technologies gadgets including their stored memory (iPhones, notebooks, Hard Drives etc.) within molten lava. He forces a transfer from a digital to a geological strata. The melted hybrids of congealed magma and precious metals components of the tech devices are fused and materialized in meteor-like lava stones.


All images © 2016 Lisa M. Inman

Beauty & Thy Leaf by Lisa Inman

Worldly organic backdrops being guided by "mother earth" to capture the green beauty that surrounded me gave me another canvas to create with though not my own this is my interpretation of that very essence. As an artist its hard not to see the natural structures, colors, harmony that exists all around us. Drawing you in closer, closer and closer till you are there almost naked with primal recognition with a curiosity and appreciation that words shall not be uttered. Your heart flutters, breathing in its exhale you feel that harmonious connection of life and ying and yang is truly symbolized in it's purest form.
All Images © 2015 Lisa M. Inman

My DUMP*LING..... CHINA by Lisa Inman

My first thing I would say about China is "STAY WIERD" it was uncomfortable, difficult at first than its oddness and quirkiness quickly grasps hold of you. City life was like going into a rabbit hole of centuries. As we backpack so does our adventure to the dark allies slithering here and there observing, partaking and digesting. Oddly enough we were the rabbit in the hole as many Chinese in the city or countryside have never seen an American or someone of our origin. They were fascinated, scared, and curious as we were of them, which lead to a beautiful journey and love affair of China.

Language was probably our biggest obstacle as the older generation only knew symbols and newer generation was "Pinyin", which was how I semi communicated. Younger generations are taught English in school so eagerness to practice was a warm welcome over the barrier. No matter what is actually being communicated in proper terms, the spirit of life was present and refreshing. Somehow not matter where my feet have landed in the world it always comes to a bridge of life experiences expressed through human kindness and hand gestures. I would say I learned this most in Cambodia my favorite of all Southeast Asia. 

City life in China was hard, social classes divided like the San Andreas faults, but with harmony carrying it like resting in a hammock. Pollution rattles ones physical being. Don't fret once you leave the city to venture into the countryside it dissipates along with you own inner non-comfort ability. Their cities were larger than life; those who sought fortune whether accepted or rejected were there thriving on so many levels. 

As I walked hours a day observing, absorbing, digesting, dumping, connecting I felt this very fate, hate to dissipate growing to have faith in the planet and mankind and the harmony in its understanding of connections. Do not falter to the "selfie-stick" as people thriving in it sometimes unaware of their own heritage, environments. No matter where you have been or where you are going may we all have love, live, create, have compassion, contribute and thrive in soulful interactions. 

All images © 2015 Lisa M. Inman

Trekking Foot-ware by Lisa Inman


 Global Trekking shall remain stylish with much sensibility in our foot-wares.. with my current trip of trekking through China for a few weeks backpack style this NYC fashion diva must leave her heels behind. Don't fret my "shoe princesses" as you can most certainly rock a comfortable yet stylish shoe while taking in the the sites. Let's not just think about shoes it's all about preparation of packs, clothes, shoes, language/culture and most of all excitement for global exploration. For a lady who wears heels everyday I never thought of myself as a gal who would purchase #Birkenstocks, but I ABSOLUTELY love these this is my 5th pair and I remain dedicated when I come home off with style, I run to comfort. Now I only own like 2 pair of sneakers and that remains only for the gym. So when I sought out a perfect hiking sneak I went to my sneaker hip hop hippie Guru Chad Hogan and well I was recommended #Salomon's and well they really are perfect and waterproof. I never in all my life would have purchased them in PINK their's a first for everything.  I feel in love with a pair of military inspired butt hugging #Columbia army green pants that are too die for, let's not forget all things #Cotton easy to wear, easy to roll and you can't go wrong with a hat 

All the leaves are brown and the sky is grey by Lisa Inman

Seasons change, fashion urges rise in our bellies the hunt and desire for thy perfect sole becomes a ravenous calling that we can not ignore. Fall all thy flirty souls as the cool air is dragging us down from the summer, but our toes flash colors in a elegant clashing against a bold shoe. Behold let mother nature be told go bold as it's not yet cold. My favorite season as my inner Virgo and nature connect and I bang on the fashion cauldron with loud banshee screams YES I SHALL OBEY MY SHOE QUEEN. So ladies this is your time to shine, best hair days, amazing fashion DO NOT allow your shoes to be dull or cover your toes.