My DUMP*LING..... CHINA / by Lisa Inman

My first thing I would say about China is "STAY WIERD" it was uncomfortable, difficult at first than its oddness and quirkiness quickly grasps hold of you. City life was like going into a rabbit hole of centuries. As we backpack so does our adventure to the dark allies slithering here and there observing, partaking and digesting. Oddly enough we were the rabbit in the hole as many Chinese in the city or countryside have never seen an American or someone of our origin. They were fascinated, scared, and curious as we were of them, which lead to a beautiful journey and love affair of China.

Language was probably our biggest obstacle as the older generation only knew symbols and newer generation was "Pinyin", which was how I semi communicated. Younger generations are taught English in school so eagerness to practice was a warm welcome over the barrier. No matter what is actually being communicated in proper terms, the spirit of life was present and refreshing. Somehow not matter where my feet have landed in the world it always comes to a bridge of life experiences expressed through human kindness and hand gestures. I would say I learned this most in Cambodia my favorite of all Southeast Asia. 

City life in China was hard, social classes divided like the San Andreas faults, but with harmony carrying it like resting in a hammock. Pollution rattles ones physical being. Don't fret once you leave the city to venture into the countryside it dissipates along with you own inner non-comfort ability. Their cities were larger than life; those who sought fortune whether accepted or rejected were there thriving on so many levels. 

As I walked hours a day observing, absorbing, digesting, dumping, connecting I felt this very fate, hate to dissipate growing to have faith in the planet and mankind and the harmony in its understanding of connections. Do not falter to the "selfie-stick" as people thriving in it sometimes unaware of their own heritage, environments. No matter where you have been or where you are going may we all have love, live, create, have compassion, contribute and thrive in soulful interactions. 

All images © 2015 Lisa M. Inman