Peru .. love of Pachamama / by Lisa Inman

Mentally aware of illusions of an expired NY career turned all while my soul-mate; embarking onto a new decade did come a quick fire trip to Peru with no parties Pachamama presents a desire of climbing mountains

Soul drifted toward an 89-year-old Sculptor/Painter before me stood Victor Delfin eyes bright, soul full. I was presented to royalty of a genius and his life’s work unconsciously told to “get to work”.

“Sh!T Just Got Real” “SALKANTAY TRAIL” the “savage trail” not to be undermined with its mind bending strength as “mind, body and soul” were pushed to the maximum hiking 12 hours straight. Trekking for 5 days among “the gods” with an amazing soulful guide “Gabrielle” male archangel/astronomer who discovered an Incan “8Th Star Gate”. Not by chance super connected to stars, planets & the Inca galaxy hidden deep within the “Milky Way”. 

An open air truck we climb clueless to our adventures and fellow companions who were also all “New Yorker’s.” Rapid incline to an EPIC glacier & lake grasping for every crisp air we breathe climbing 10K ft. to 13.5K ft. in less than a clock turns an hour hand. Actual age doesn’t = “fit” day packs carrying 45 lbs. of Photographers gear we trek toward glaciers, lakes, mountains, jungle and desert.

Ancestors of centuries, religion, spirituality and history flows deep in the veins of Peru. Machu Picchu is what attracts most, don’t drown in that syrup. Spirit flowed right into my own “Desert Gem” of Arequipa & Colca Valley/Cannon. Presented to a sacred spiritual spot of natural stone sculptures was a place where local farmers come to trip on psychedelics before the rainy season with the “love of Pachamama”. Yes, the Inca name for “Mother Earth” the pureness of people living off the land and my “gift” resonated of who I am, what I do and why I travel.

All images © 2017 Lisa M. Inman