Trekking Foot-ware by Lisa Inman


 Global Trekking shall remain stylish with much sensibility in our foot-wares.. with my current trip of trekking through China for a few weeks backpack style this NYC fashion diva must leave her heels behind. Don't fret my "shoe princesses" as you can most certainly rock a comfortable yet stylish shoe while taking in the the sites. Let's not just think about shoes it's all about preparation of packs, clothes, shoes, language/culture and most of all excitement for global exploration. For a lady who wears heels everyday I never thought of myself as a gal who would purchase #Birkenstocks, but I ABSOLUTELY love these this is my 5th pair and I remain dedicated when I come home off with style, I run to comfort. Now I only own like 2 pair of sneakers and that remains only for the gym. So when I sought out a perfect hiking sneak I went to my sneaker hip hop hippie Guru Chad Hogan and well I was recommended #Salomon's and well they really are perfect and waterproof. I never in all my life would have purchased them in PINK their's a first for everything.  I feel in love with a pair of military inspired butt hugging #Columbia army green pants that are too die for, let's not forget all things #Cotton easy to wear, easy to roll and you can't go wrong with a hat