I N D I A "Illuminate nature directly inward affectionately" by Lisa Inman

Land of light drawn to smells, eyes memorized by colors, senses all in an extreme sense state of consciousness. Cityscapes extremely congested, poor, smiles, smells, kindness, joyfulness, sorrow it all collected in the sky like particles .. filtering back down into souls with acceptance, appreciation, gratitude, respect for all forms of life in people and animals. Time holds no merit.. adventure of your senses. Breathe, observe, indulge…patience is a virtue to follow, “Mother Nature” speaks, follow and listen.

Himalayan mountains destination after Delhi the vein of India. Rain, fog, mud, no frills backpack style.. daily comfort stripped, it bears your soul to be open to absorb the message you went there to receive. Striving to see as many mountains in my lifetime my husband brings to me another uncomfortable brink.. Hike, hike, hike and climb, push, pull and just absorb. Being that high in the clouds and not knowing what may give way below your feet, but your soul is floating..  

Red dirt, heat, forts, people about to get really lazy, cool water.. palette about to explode celebration of birth numbers.. Virgo was blessed with desert paradise most of my favorite photos came from this region.  

Camera and I were beefing, short a long lens, rusty or was I to do something different? Drawn more to people. Women do not allow men to take their pics, they were so joyful to a lady w/a camera. Standing there celebrating womanhood, all smiles, pride in their textiles, colors, jewelry. Interest like an intersection, touch of skin, hair, exchange of smiles and photos.. loved the tribal/countryside woman we were all bizarre to one another. Another lifetime trip.. blessed.

All images © 2018 Lisa M. Inman