Tomás Saraceno - Cloud Cities @ SF Moma by Lisa Inman

One of the "best art installations" I have seen in years. The moment you walk into the room instantly  there is a cerebral connection knowing you stepped into a "world of discovery". Every line, angel , dimension with reflections bouncing off the room lead your eye to discover the inner workings. Drawing you in, your curiosity further collapses into the organized world/universe. It was MIND BLOWING to say the least.

After the sheer raw mind bending experience of standing in this room, my mind shifts to the other side deciphering what this great masterpiece must have taken to create. The precise math, engineering fortitude that this Master Artist took something of this scale to achieve this lost city that left each person breathless. Bravo, we need more art that doesn't lie on a canvas hung on a wall repeated by history. Innovation at it finest... 

All images © 2017 Lisa M. Inman