SUN Glare of stares and cares / Thailand & Vietnam by Lisa Inman

This Trip, not like your trip nor like our past China no expectations minimal planning.  Electricity flowed through our spine we land where the bird guided us, our separation "Freestyle". Year of moving, shaking, being scolded by powers that be eager to severe ties,  let destiny guide.  We arrive quickly inner beast rhythms thumping Tiger rage. Premortal release pulsed, cumbersome to that longing. Feet hit concrete by that Owl drawn to "DJ" what just happened.  Straw drew that nectar to palette "rum buckets" connected ceribal moment of connections, drums calling. 

Destined for palm trees, white beaches and tranquility we arrive, a "Passage" we were given, Aussie connections filled with laughter, a spirit guide in form of a dog "Bommer" be his immortal name daily joy. The edge fully dissipates at sight of light and dark orange sun glares unaware of any hour passing.

Sunshine rays, we land in Vietnam into that said hour our destination relics of past "The Vietnam war" masked from vision behind new construction walls observation of grief. Masked memories of past, embrace, educate and allow thy tiresome stories to be told. My father, your father drawn to understand the silence of unnecessary war. Not mine, not yours, not ours not anyone never was that said challenge in such disregard do we walk solitude to find peace.

Backpacks stuffed, high heels kicked off, unstripped, bare we took a great walk about of unplanned, joyful trip filled with local kindness and worldly connections... 

All images © 2016 Lisa M. Inman